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h8lio plug & play production environment with high-availability allowing a continuous, flawless integration and delivery of your services.
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Manage your Clouds & Services Pay as you go Integrate & Share ability
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Full stack
A solution thought and made by and for Application Developers and Service Providers
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DevOps Automation
Cloud Continuous Delivery and Integration
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Cluster Management
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Multi-cloud orchestration
Cloud Services based on Kubernetes
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Cloud Agnostic: compatible with all but not dependent
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The ultimate Open-Source Multi-Clouds Services automation platform
Affordable while being at the edge of today technologies
Our Background

h8lio is the last production of Byzaneo, an IT services company working since 2004 with key accounts such as Atos, Gefco, Nissan, Sephora, Siemens,…

As our team is tech driven and loves both open source and challenges, we worked the last 3 years on the perfect solution that may help companies to switch to a real DevOps + Cloud experience: h8lio, the DevOps-as-a-Service Revolution!

Our Mission

By outsourcing your IT system to us, we help you deliver secure, fast, reliable and flawless: Digital Transition Guidance.

Stay focus on code and user experience (UX) oriented, we manage the rest.

We give to your IT team more time to work on high-value business tasks, like improving your product.

Our Vision

Our main focus is the respect of the standards to provide a fully open & secure solution.

If it could be automated, it has to be! No shenanigans at all. Never ever.


A tailor-made offer
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Add as many clusters and
services as you need for
your business.
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storage for a
production at scale.
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an automated chain of open tools, from sources to deployments

Centralized controlteams, services and releases
Deployment modelsblue/green, canary, diy...
Simplified integration into your existing oneMirroring, replication and multi-clouds (AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure...)
Application packagesversioned, standardized, risk analysis...
Real-time monitoringof consumption, use, status of services and tools
Managing your learning curvediscover the possibilities, processes and integrated tools at your own pace
Application Packages

serverless cloud resources management

Kubernetes OrchestrationManaged via its dashboard or by command line
Edge Router TraefikRouting management (TLS), Middleware / Service Mesh, Load-Balancer...
Scalability and AvailabilityReal-time and unlimited adaptation (resource scheduler)
Performance and accessibility10Gb↓1Gb↑/3Gb↓↑ public/private bandwidth, fixed IPs available...
OperatorsTraefik, Prometheus stack, RabbitMQ...
MonitoringMetrics, dashboards and alerts

high availability cloud volumes

Ceph ClusterManaged by Rook
Localized dataPools by zones, regions, datacenters, servers and disks
RedundancyData replicated on 3 disks on 3 different servers
Hot/Cold backupsCSI Snapshots/Velero and Restic backup
Choice of storage modesBlock storage, Shared Filesystem, Object Storage...
GPDR complianceEnd-to-end control of data

DevOps Starter Packpowered by h8lio - hosted by ovhcloud
Need to quickly start a project using DevOps?
Discover DevOps-as-a-Service at 100 €/month without obligation
security shield
Safe & Secure
User Security and Privacy

Single authentication throught a cloud native edge router to all the DevOps applications provided by the OIDC protocol and restricted by RBAC.

Your personal information are available at any time and exclusively used by TLS is enforced on all exchanges.

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The transaction are PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

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Your data is distributed within clusters that manage three replicas for each object. These replicas are placed on different disks, servers and data centers, to ensure their longevity.

We provide disaster recovery by offering key data protection features such as scheduled backups and retention schedules.

Your docker images are analyzed to detect any vulnerabilities.

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because your privacy and freedom matter to us...
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